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Laura loves the stories, art, experiences, and adventures that Baltimore has to offer.

Email Laura: lewexler[at]gmail[dot]com How interesting!: One of Laura’s favorite hobbies is cooking!

What brought you to Baltimore? I grew up in the suburbs of Baltimore, left for about 15 years, and moved back in 2002. I live in Baltimore with my husband and my children.

What’s your connection to Baltimore? We’re deeply invested in this city. My husband has a start-up here, and I’m one of the founders and producers of The Stoop Storytelling Series. It’s a gift to be able to support people in sharing their extraordinary true tales.

What do you like about Baltimore? I love the size of Baltimore—it’s big enough to be exciting and small enough to feel manageable. I love how it’s a work in progress. I love its rich history. I love its convenience to DC, Philly and New York. I love the people I’ve met here.

New Baltimoreans should definitely check out: The Stoop Storytelling Series: “The Stoop Storytelling Series is a Baltimore-based live show and podcast that features ‘ordinary’ people telling the extraordinary, true tales of their lives… Stoop shows are intimate and surprising, wonderful and weird, hilarious and heartbreaking.” (Source)

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