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"Working with Taylor was one of the best decisions I made when starting the daunting 'career change' phase. She made the resume process fun and productive. She opened my eyes to different ways of thinking about the work that I do to make me a stronger job candidate. I highly recommend Taylor to anyone who is looking at their dull resume and hoping to stand out more to recruiters!"

— Food & Beverage Director, February 2022

"Working with Taylor infused the previously draining process of writing a resume with

passion and enthusiasm. Her professional advice was delivered in a very accessible and friendly way, which allowed me to feel more at the helm of my resume workshop. She created a space to reflect and improve upon my skills, all while building my appreciation for my own work.

Whatever stage of your career, I highly recommend scheduling a session with Taylor!" 

— Equine Therapy Aide, November 2021

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"Wow, this is amazing.
Taylor's one-on-one session was phenomenal.

I really appreciate Taylor's attention to detail with crafting my resume. The feedback and exercises helped me to understand  my marketable skills and offered insights to areas I could improve to make myself a better candidate for the future.
I am impressed and anticipate using her suggestions during my job search."

— Data Manager, May 2021

"When writing a personal statement or cover letter, it’s super helpful to have an objective reviewer give honest feedback.
Taylor did just that!  I really appreciated her expertise and critical eye. She asked incisive questions which helped me narrow the focus of my cover letter and modernize my resume. Working with her really made my application materials “sing”. Highly recommend!" 

— Grant Writer, December 2020

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"After the Taylor-Made Resume experience,
I feel proud of my resume. Taylor's focus on helping me frame my achievements gave me new perspective on what I have accomplished, and what I am capable of! I am excited to bring my resume into the job market, and my confidence begins with my newly strengthened resume."

— Escape Room Manager, October 2020

"My resume needed quite the

revamp as I transitioned out of career

I’ve known for 11 years. I worked with Taylor

and would highly recommend her for this service! I ended up with a resume that beautifully showcases my experiences and skills.
I am so glad I decided to work with Taylor.

It took a lot of the anxiety and stress

of the change away!"

— Kindergarten Teacher, April 2020

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"When I revisited my resume this year,
I realized I still really love it and I am really
proud of it. When I saw my resume,
I was like 'Thanks, Past Self. This is amazing.' "

— Secondary Education Teacher, December 2019

"Since I'm applying for internships, I felt the aesthetic revamp was necessary. It needed be better than what I could do myself. Taylor made it easy; I believe I can make these suggestions going forward to maintain my one-pager. I asked one of my friends in the industry who would be hiring folks like me, and she said the content was super relevant to the position I was applying for!"

— PhD Student and Instructor, September 2019

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