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Asked Questions

What can I expect at a session? 

In Session 1, we will discuss how your experiences and accomplishments overlap with your desired skills sets and goals. In Session 2, we will do more
word-smithing and formatting.

How much does this cost? 

The investment starts at $200. This includes two sessions (scheduled separately), as well as a revised one-pager for you to fully own and edit going forward. Then, we can add as needed.

What is your teaching style? 

My training style is individualized, organized, and thorough.
I focus on supporting you with writing content that is authentic, specific,
and concise. 

What forms of payment
do you accept? 

I accept payment via Venmo or Paypal. Payment is due in full in advance of the final deliverable. We can arrange a payment plan as needed. 

Can I purchase a session for
someone else? 

You are welcome to purchase a session for someone else, but the work will be conducted between me and the owner of the resume. 

Can you help me with a cover letter? 

I am happy to provide additional support for cover letters, professional portfolios, and other drafts of your resume.
There is an added cost for additional tiers of support.