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Congratulations on your upcoming job transition!

Marketing yourself, job searching, and editing your resume for every job application can be overwhelming. Starting with a Google search, or a blank page, can be intimidating and confusing. 


  • "Where do I start?" 

  • "How does all of this fit onto one page?"

  • "My resume is boring." 

  • "I need to showcase my skills." 

My role is to walk you through any stage of the process. Together, we can organize your resume content, highlight your skills and accomplishments, and discover how WHAT THEY'RE LOOKING FOR matches with WHAT YOU BRING to the table. We can draft a powerful cover letter or personal statement that shows them why YOU ARE OUTSTANDING. 


I believe that your resume should speak for itself. I believe that your skills are outstanding. I believe that you would be a great candidate for any job position in your field that interests you. We will use the words on the page to make you stand out from all the other candidates that pass through the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), so that the hiring manager spends more than just six seconds reading your qualifications. We do not need fancy fonts, graphic designs, or teeny-tiny text to pack a punch.

Imagine that your resume is like your Dating Profile. How much time did you spend curating six photos to exactly capture your entire personality in one first impression to potential suitors? We will use that same level of detail, thoughtfulness, and strategy to capture your skills and accomplishments on just one page.


My goal is that your RESUME will:

  • satisfy the electronic word-matching in the ATS

  • land on the computer screen of the hiring manager

  • and fully capture the attention of your future employer.

They will be eager to read your accompanying cover letter, browse your work portfolio, and meet you for an interview. 

My goal is that YOU will: 

  • feel proud of your skills

  • feel empowered to modify your resume

  • and feel good about marketing yourself in your job application. 

We will reframe your skills succinctly and effectively. You may experience a level of personal growth that you never anticipated on this career journey. I am honored walk alongside you as you take the next step. 

Training style: 

My training style is individualized, organized, and thorough. I focus on supporting you with writing content that is authentic, specific, and concise. 


Here is the process for two sessions: 


Send me your existing documents. An old resume? A list of ideas? A bulleted list of your work experience? LinkedIn Profile that hasn't been updated? These are each a great starting point. Your existing documents will give me background and context about where you are in your career journey. 

Session 1: Goals Session (In real time via zoom, about one hour) 

I will contact you to schedule a time for our first session together. Our first session is a Goals Session. We will have a targeted discussion about your career aims, your experience with writing your resume, and your goals for this process. 


You and I will both have homework after our Goals Session. Depending on where you are in the process, your homework may be a journaling activity, an Ideas Board, a Curriculum Vitae, a rough draft of your cover letter, or another personalized assignment. My homework will be to make individualized suggestions and provide specific feedback based on your existing documents. 

Session 2: Formatting Session (In real time via zoom, about one hour) 

Our second session together will be a Formatting Session. During this session, we will review our homework, and talk through next steps for organizing, writing, and editing your resume, cover letter, work portfolio, or other documents. We will get more into the specifics of formatting and word choice. 

Final Deliverable

My final deliverable to you will be a resume one-pager, or a skeleton package of your other documents. I will provide documents in .docx and .pdf formats. Documents will be modifiable, so that you are free to fully own and edit your documents going forward. 

After the Final Deliverable, I am always available for a chat about brainstorming, career advice, or further editing, at no additional cost. Your career journey is a lifelong journey, and editing your resume will be a lifelong process. It is a delight for me to stay in touch with you down the line, proofreading your documents, offering advice, or hearing about where you are headed next. 

Terms and conditions: 

  • Payment is due in full in advance of the Final Deliverable. I quote the financial investment on an income-based sliding fee scale, according to the single-earner income of the resume owner. 

  • I accept payment via Venmo or Paypal. 

  • Sample resumes posted in my Resume Portfolio are included with the client's permission. Identifying details are changed to protect the anonymity of the client. 

  • Our work together is confidential. I will not advertise your identity or share about your experiences externally. All work is performed between me and the resume owner. 

  • Material on my website and in my Resume Portfolio may not be copied, duplicated, or reprinted without express written permission. Links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to with a direct reference to the original content.

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