Congratulations on your upcoming job transition!
I specialize in editing and polishing resumes and cover letters for friends, colleagues, and community members.

Whether you’re:

  • applying for a new job

  • re-framing your job skills

  • seeking a personal rebrand

  • transitioning careers

  • feeling overwhelmed

I support with resume development for:

  • job seekers

  • career changers

  • returning citizens

  • kids’ portfolios

  • Spanish-speakers

  • civic engagement activities

I will cater our sessions together around your style and your schedule.

An example of typical sessions for one document include:

  • A one-hour brainstorm session to discuss your goals and job qualifications

  • A personalized roadmap for revamping your resume

  • A one-hour working session to build your resume as a one-pager

  • A personalized round of editing

  • Completed .pdf and .docx documents sent to you over email

  • Full agency over the process, including veto power and ownership of the content and formatting on your resume

  • Ongoing communication about your experience during the process, including challenges, questions, content, and formatting

Payment terms:

The cost for a one-hour session is $50.00.

Most resume documents require two one-hour sessions ($50 each): 

  1. A one-hour brainstorm session and

  2. A one-hour working session


We schedule these sessions at your convenience. I accept payment as cash or check, or via Venmo or Paypal. 

If cost is a barrier for you, we can make arrangements for a personalized pay-by-installment plan, or, we can discuss other ways that I can support your specific needs.

In exchange, we will work together throughout the entire process. You have full agency to veto any of the suggested changes. We can collaborate in person, over the phone, or via email, according to your preferences.

At the end of the process, I will send you a revised copy of your resume one-pager as a .pdf and .docx document. You can own and edit these fully, going forward. I am always available for further questions or brainstorming after we work together.


How do I get started?
Send me an email to express interest (

Can you help me write my resume?
No. I intend to support you with editing your resume, not writing a resume from scratch.

What do you need from me?
To get started, I will ask that you share a .docx document of your existing resume or document. Note: it is preferable to edit a resume and cover letter as part of a job application. If there is a specific job you’re applying for, it is helpful to also have the posting for that position.

What can I expect from you?
During our session, we will discuss your career aims, your experience with writing your resume, and your goals for editing your resume. From there, through the editing process, I will support you by offering suggestions on wording, formatting, and content reduction, so that your resume fits on to one page.

Do you offer a discount?
Yes, I offer discounted rates for the following:

  • Two documents in combination (such as a resume and cover letter)

  • Returning citizens


Do you offer gift certificates?
Yes, you are welcome to purchase a session for a friend or family member. However, consulting about the resume editing will be between myself and the owner of the resume. I recommend that you advise your friend/family member that they should expect to hear from me, before offering to purchase a session for them.

Other questions?
Send me an email with your additional questions and concerns (

Portfolio of Resumes

Click here to view samples of resumes that I’ve edited for past clients from industries such as travel, education, engineering, and more! Identifying details have been changed to protect the anonymity of the client. Samples are used with the client’s permission.

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