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Rachel is a cookbook author, recipe developer, copywriter, and food writer. Check out Rachel’s recipes online at

Email Rachel: coconutlimeblog[at]gmail[dot]com How interesting!: Despite Rachel’s love for food and locally-grown produce, she really hates ketchup!

What brought you to Baltimore? My family has lived in Baltimore since the 1800s. I currently live in the northeast part of the city.

What’s your connection to Baltimore? The food! Particularly cooking and recipes. I have developed thousands of recipes of all kinds, but I love to develop recipes of regional Baltimore and Maryland dishes the most. “I have a great interest in regional foods and food history and love to share this information with others. In fact, I have a BA in History (focusing on the socio-economic growth of cities) and MA in Education.” (Source)

What do you like about Baltimore? I love living in Baltimore. I love being near the water, living in the city, all of the festivals, concerts and events I can go to, the restaurant scene, and the quality and affordability of life here.

New Baltimoreans should definitely check out: Tuesday Market in Lauraville: I frequently pick up produce and occasionally a food truck dinner from the market.

Connect with Rachel online: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Connect with Lauraville Market online: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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