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Nicole, a transplant-Baltimorean from St. Mary’s County,

is a talented graphic designer, a stellar athlete, an avid music-lover, and an extreme Indian-food fan.

Email Nicole: nall1817[at]gmail[dot]com How interesting!: Nicole’s genes make cilantro taste like soap—she hates it!

What brought you to Baltimore? I graduated from Towson University, and afterward I found a job in the Ellicott City area. As a young and fun-loving person, it made sense to move to the city! I’ve lived in Baltimore for about five years; it’s fantastic. I lived in the Charles Village area for three years, and then decided to give Upper Fells a try. It’s wonderful; I’m happy I made the change.

What’s your connection to Baltimore? I thoroughly enjoy playing Ultimate Frisbee and soccer, so I would say that these communities are my main connection to Baltimore. Some of my very best friends are people I play Ultimate with, so we are always getting into other fun activities as well, namely, board games and hikes and such! Also, shout out to my two best friends; the three of us all graduated from Towson and I’m so happy we ended up in the same city.

What do you like about Baltimore? I’m fascinated by all the different types of houses there are. I enjoy learning about other cultures and seeing places that are beautiful and not familiar to me. I especially enjoy Baltimore’s ability to connect me with so many different people, and then I run into people basically everywhere I go! I love that it seems like a small city in that you can always find so many different ways that you are connected with almost everyone you meet. There are always fun and even free things to do, and the food, music, and beer scenes are all amazing. I would especially like to give a shout out to WTMD! Also, Akbar Indian Restaurant in Mt. Vernon—it’s THE BEST.

New Baltimoreans should definitely check out: I highly recommend 89.7 WTMD for your radio dial at all times. They are a public radio station, so they’re totally funded by their listeners, which means they are allowed to play whatever music they wish. They also have events that are fantastic to attend, such as live lunches and concerts in the park during the summer—and they’re free! They have chili cook-offs, beer brew competitions, a partnership with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, fundraising events, an amazing event space… the list goes on! WTMD is a Baltimore staple and one of the reasons I love Baltimore so much. I volunteer for them sometimes as well, so if you’re into good music, I highly recommend it. I know most people these days just use their phones or devices for music, but try 89.7 out! I know you won’t regret it.

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