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Lindsey is obsessed with food and wine, and the Baltimore theatre scene. She lives in Maryland with her husband and two cats.

Email Lindsey: baltimorefoodandfun[at]gmail[dot]com How interesting!: Lindsey grew up racing dirt track go-carts (14 years), and played on a boys’ ice hockey team in high school. With her training from competitive show choir, Lindsey has performed The National Anthem at countless professional sporting events!

What brought you to Baltimore? I moved to Baltimore in 2012 with my husband. We lived downtown for three years before we bought a house. I work downtown as an Events and Recognition Coordinator for an international non-profit. With just me and my husband here, and our two cats, we’ve made our own “Baltimore Family” with our awesome circle of friends. I truly cherish all the friendships we’ve made.

What’s your connection to Baltimore? Food & Wine: My husband and I recently became members of the Baltimore chapter of the International Wine & Food Society which has really expanded our wine and food world. Experiences: I choose life experiences over owning things. Cats: I volunteer at the MD SPCA as a Cat Cuddler; I’m passionate about animal welfare. I also enjoy games of all varieties: board, cards, video, D&D, etc. We have a set weekly game night with our friends!

What do you like about Baltimore? I love being able to take the metro in to work, but I miss living downtown and walking to everything! Baltimore needs to get more people to move in to the city. I started a blog after we moved because I missed being around all the downtown action. That got me back out and involved in everything Baltimore. My favorite thing about Baltimore is how small it feels. I love running in to people I know when I am out and about and how there are connections with new people I meet. It’s also very walk-able.

What is a specific-Baltimore experience that you would recommend to others? When we first moved here, I took an interest in the Baltimore theatre scene, and now I’m obsessed with it. I’m a supporting member at The Single Carrot Theatre, and a patron of theatres all over the city. I see at least one show a week during theatre season. I love anything related to Baltimore theatre whether it be the shows, parties, galas, and cabarets—especially anything I can wear a costume to! Last spring Single Carrot Theatre did a show called Promenade: Baltimore. Here’s a description: “Promenade: Baltimore is a production that invites its audience to board a bus and traverse the city, passing through neighborhoods both familiar and unknown. Audience members watch through the windows as actors on the street present poetic expressions of everyday life in Baltimore, complimented by a live-mixed soundscape of music, narration, and stories based on and told by neighborhood residents. Promenade: Baltimore celebrates and explores all that is Baltimore, highlighting its complexity, struggles, treasures, and, ultimately, its undeniable beauty.” It was truly a once in a lifetime experience and a perfect example of ground-breaking Baltimore theatre! Also last spring, I attended H.T. Darling’s Incredible Musaeum at the Peale Center, an immersive theatre experience put on by Submersive Productions. Here’s a description: “You are invited to the Grand Opening of H.T. Darling’s new exhibit of artifacts from the planet New Galapagos. By interacting with the curious inhabitants of the museum, the building, and the exhibition itself, each audience member must choose their own path through the evening’s strange events.” It’s hard to describe, but H.T. Darling was weird, fun, and my first introduction to immersive theatre. They did a reboot of it again last fall and I took everyone I knew which made it an even better experience. Each person chooses their own path and experiences something different. We all got back together after it was over to piece together what we all saw and did. You really have to go back again and again to see every aspect.

New Baltimoreans should definitely check out: New theatre companies are popping up every day—Baltimore theatre is always changing. I try to keep abreast of all the theatre happenings, so I never miss a thing. The arts are so important to our society and Baltimore is such a great environment for the arts to blossom and grow because we like to keep it weird here. To me, going to see a show at a theatre is so much better than sitting through a movie. It’s another great way of keeping it local!

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