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Kelly enjoys the food, the markets, and the hustle and bustle of Baltimore. She is a self-employed caterer, offers private cooking classes and parties, and has great recommendations for music and eats!

Email Kelly: bellhousebakery[at]gmail[dot]com How interesting!: Kelly was cast in several episodes of a western short that airs on Amazon Prime!

What brought you to Baltimore?  I grew up on the outskirts of Baltimore; we would go into the city all the time. My husband proposed to me behind a dumpster during the OP Sail—totally romantic. We love Kisling’s for wings and beers, Fells Point, and Power Point Live for Have a Nice Day Cafe and Howl at the Moon. We love O’s games, and my husband would be at the Raven’s stadium every weekend if I let him! We still travel to Baltimore often for grubs and Sound Garden (a record store).

What’s your connection to Baltimore?  I love food! I blog about food and the stories behind the recipes. I love going to restaurants that can blow me away with amazing food. Ekinben was the latest to do that; I am obsessed with their Neighborhood Bird Steamed Bun Sandwich.

What do you like about Baltimore?  I enjoy going being a part of the hustle and bustle in the city. Growing up on the outskirts of town, Baltimore was our playground. Once a year we would head over to Rheb’s Candies in the Lexington Market; to this day I still order from Rheb’s Candies.

New Baltimoreans should definitely check out: Sound Garden: We go into the city often to visit the store. It has the best selection of vinyl! The people are great and will get you want are looking for. And it’s close to Ekinben!

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