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Daniel appreciates the richness of the people, politics, history, architecture, and neighborhoods in Baltimore.

He is passionate about investing in his community.

Email Daniel: danieljhindman[at]gmail[dot]com How interesting!: In 2017, Daniel wrote an Op-Ed for the Baltimore Sun about a city politician from the 1940s who built a road through Druid Hill Park. At the time, that road went from his doorstep to downtown! Click here to view the article.

What brought you to Baltimore? My family and I came to Baltimore in 2013. We chose to live on the West Side of Baltimore, because of our interest in living in communities that have been historically disinvested in and underserved. We now own a home in the community along the west side of Druid Hill Park.

What’s your connection to Baltimore? We love Baltimore, our neighborhood, and the people! Druid Hill Park is amazing, and it’s nice being so close to the Maryland Zoo. We look forward to when the weather warms up every year and our neighbors all hang out on their stoops. In particular, I’m always blown away by how beautiful the conservatory is in Druid Hill Park. I have been so many times, but I never feel like I have been enough. It’s a beautiful environment, and the people that take care of the space are lovely.

What do you like about Baltimore? I enjoy the people, the architecture, and the neighborhood dynamic. It’s not hard to get involved in helping your community if you are willing to give the time. We’re constantly asking ourselves, “How can we be better neighbors?” This has impacted where we live, how we raise our kids, and the things we choose to invest our time in.

New Baltimoreans should definitely check out: Rawlings Conservatory: I have a passion for re-connecting Druid Hill Park with the communities around it and for seeing the park reinvested in. Despite its deterioration, it’s a place full of natural beauty. Over the years, we have failed to utilize it to the benefit of the communities around it. The conservatory is an example of a small piece of the park that has been re-invested in.

Connect with Rawlings Conservatory online: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Flickr


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