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Alyssa enjoys the passion, potential, and purpose of the neighbors and students that she encounters in Baltimore City.

She and her pups live in Patterson Park.

Email Alyssa: alyssa[dot]schoenleber[at]gmail[dot]com How interesting!: Alyssa has a bucket list item of visiting all 50 states!

What brought you to Baltimore? I moved to Baltimore in 2008 when I was accepted into The Baltimore City Teaching Residency (BCTR). Upon completing BCTR, I began work in City Schools as a general education teacher. I currently reside in the Patterson Park neighborhood with my pups.

What’s your connection to Baltimore? I enjoy spending time in the park with my friends and pups, whether it be for sports, picnics or the Summer Concert Series. Baltimore has become my home and I love every bit this city has to offer! I’m a board member for the Patterson Park Neighborhood Association (PPNA), and I’m excited for the great things coming to our neighborhood. I hope to continue to help our space become a cleaner, greener, more vibrant neighborhood!

What do you like about Baltimore? Baltimore’s diversity is probably my favorite thing about this city. I teach in the city and couldn’t imagine myself serving youth anywhere else. I wish people could see the Baltimore I see—the diversity, the passion, and the drive of my neighbors, the neighborhoods with potential, and the population of youth that have the capability of changing the world. I also love the access to green space and the water. Though I couldn’t go without mentioning the amazing restaurants, fun bars, and neat breweries Baltimore has!

New Baltimoreans should definitely check out: Friends of Patterson Park: They’re an amazing neighborhood organization. The events they put together are community-driven and benefit a diverse group of neighbors.

Connect with Friends of Patterson Park online: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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