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Taylor Binnix Baylus, MA, MPH (she/her) 
Resume Consultant and Editor
Public Health Research Manager
Sociological Suicidologist

I specialize in editing and polishing resumes and cover letters for colleagues, and community members. I am industry-agnostic and Baltimore-based. I work with professionals at all career levels. My goal is that you will feel empowered to modify your resume and confidently apply to any job that interests you.

My research focuses on suicide and mental health. With interdisciplinary training in the social sciences and lived experience supporting a loved one through a suicidal period, I'm a fierce advocate for the mental health of close contacts to those experiencing mental health crises. 

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What to expect during your Resume Revamp: 


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My favorite topics to chat about are resume editing, suicide research, social impact, child development, and cooking faux pas.
I look forward to learning about what's important to you. -Taylor

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