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Your resume is like a dating profile.

*Cover image: TELUS International (Source)

The differences between your dating profile and your resume:

Dating profile


First impression

6 photos

500 words


Potential suitors

Potential employers

Average read time

2 seconds

6 seconds

Showcase your

Hobbies, interests

Accomplishments, skills

Action step

"Swipe right"

Pass through the ATS*

Next step

​Score a first date

Score an interview

*ATS = Applicant tracking system

The similarities between your resume and your dating profile:

  • Should showcase the "real you"

  • Should paint you in your best light

  • Should highlight your strong points

  • Should make it easy to contact you

  • Should pique the audience's interest (make them want to learn more!)

  • Should serve only as the starting point (the first impression is just the tip of the iceberg!

  • Should evolve as much as YOU evolve

  • Should be kept up-to-date

There are more similarities between your dating profile and your resume than differences.

Would YOU date/hire YOU?


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