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Taylor Binnix Baylus (she/her)
Resume Consultant and Editor

Public Health Research Manager
Sociological Suicidologist
Ultimate Frisbee Player
Dancing Enthusiast
Crafting Hobbyist
Home Stager

Wife, Sister, Daughter
Cat Mama



I am a proud resident of
Baltimore, Maryland.
I am an avid Ultimate Frisbee player
and dancing enthusiast.
I enjoy learning, traveling, socializing, and supporting others.
I have skills in writing and editing, program management
and administration,
community organizing,
relationship building,
and teaching/coaching. 


I was inspired to launch
Taylor Made Resumes because I saw friends and family members struggling to pitch themselves to potential employers.
I started with helping my friends develop clear, concise, and laudable language about their talents and achievements, and it grew from there. My aim as a Resume Consultant and Editor is that each client will feel proud, empowered, and confident about their skills when marketing themselves as a job candidate.


When I'm not editing resumes, I support a diverse team of international colleagues in conducting large, multicenter clinical trials. Working alongside faculty researchers, statisticians, and coordinators, I provide administrative and programmatic support for the Center for Clinical Trials and Evidence Synthesis at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.
My research focuses on suicide and mental health. With interdisciplinary training in the social sciences and lived experience supporting a loved one through a suicidal period, I'm a fierce advocate for the mental health of close contacts to those experiencing mental health crises. 


I've lived in three states
(Maryland, North Carolina, and Tennessee), and three countries
(United States, Argentina, and Spain).
I relocated to my home in the
Old Line State in 2017.
During the COVID days of 2020,
I took up knitting,
and met the love of my life. We got engaged and married on June 11, 2022 at an outdoor engagement party featuring a SURPRISE WEDDING
attended by nearly
200 friends and relatives.


When relaxing, indoors I like cozy days with sweet treats and delicious beverages, and inspiring bursts of energy for organizing and creating.
Outdoors, I like half marathons, touristy bike rides, and intimate nature hikes.
While traveling, I like exploring off the beaten path, watching live performances, and eating everything.
To spot me in an airport,
I am identifiable by my
mix-matched socks, my chattiness with strangers, and boisterous laughter over unfunny puns. 
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My favorite topics to chat about are resume editing, suicide research, social impact, child development, and cooking faux pas. I look forward to learning about what's important to you. -Taylor

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