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Taylor Binnix Baylus, MA, MPH (she/her) 
Graduate Education Pedagogist
Public Mental Health Researcher
Resume Consultant and Editor

I focus on employee wellbeing, suicide prevention, and graduate education pedagogy.
As a public mental health researcher and advocate,
I VALUE the wellbeing and development of my team members,
I SUPPORT the loved ones of those in crisis, and
I EMPOWER learners to engage in ways that challenge and inspire them. 


specialize in editing and polishing resumes and cover letters for colleagues, and community members. I am industry-agnostic and Baltimore-based. I work with professionals at all career levels. My goal is that you will feel empowered to modify your resume and confidently apply to any job that interests you.

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What to expect during your Resume Revamp: 


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My favorite topics to chat about are resume editing, suicide research, teaching and learning pedagogy, and cooking faux pas.
I look forward to learning about what's important to you. -Taylor

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