Prices are negotiable according to your needs and current status. It is common to work on multiple documents during a career transition, and I will not charge you for itemized documents. Instead, all packages are customizable, according to your needs and career aims. If cost is a barrier, we can discuss payment terms, or arrange a pay-by-installment plan.

Two Pens on Notebook


  • Editing services, starting at $50 per hour

  • BRONZE PACKAGE, starting at $50

  • Resume one-pager, starting at $100 per hour

  • SILVER PACKAGE, starting at $100

  • Cover letter, starting at $100 per hour

  • Professional bio, starting at $100 per hour

  • Kids' portfolios, starting at $100 per hour

  • Curriculum Vitae, starting at $150 per hour

  • Personal statement, starting at $150 per hour

  • College applications, starting at $150 per hour

  • LinkedIn profile, starting at $150 per hour

  • GOLD PACKAGE, starting at $200

  • Personal website, starting at $200 per hour

  • PLATINUM PACKAGE, starting at $400


PLATINUM PACKAGE, starting at $400

  • Perfect for the Complete Career Changer, seeking an entire personal rebrand

  • Package includes customized guidance for building a personal or business website, a resume revamp for your one-pager, and a cover letter or professional bio 


GOLD PACKAGE, starting at $200

  • Perfect for the Career Networker, seeking to expand your skills or make a job transition

  • Perfect if you already have a job description or new position in mind

  • Package includes a resume revamp for your one-pager, and a cover letter for your next job application or guidance on personal website


SILVER PACKAGE, starting at $100

  • Perfect for the Career Starter, seeking to craft a resume from scratch

  • Perfect for Students, seeking to land an internship or first job

  • Package includes a resume revamp for your one-pager, with customized suggestions for marketing yourself in an ever-changing world


BRONZE PACKAGE, starting at $50

  • Perfect for the "I-don't-know-where-to-starter," seeking to edit or modernize your existing documents

  • Perfect for the Talented Writer, seeking a Second Set of Eyes

  • Package includes eagle-eye editing, or proofreading of drafts for your existing documents, such as an academic CV, cover letter, or personal statement

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