Click on an image to view or download samples of my writing. Projects include blog posts, academic research, and transcripts. These are owned by me or the collaborating organization, and may not be reprinted, copied, or used without explicit written permission.

Writing samples are listed in reverse chronological order: 

  • Benevolent Bubbles (blog): In 2019, I shared about my personal connections with suicide research as a "featured story" for Benevolent Bubbles.

  • Transcript: In 2019, I completed this transcript to be published by Live Through This (www.livethroughthis.org). 

  • Publication in Deviant Behavior: In 2017, my article, "The Dialectics of Stigma, Silence, and Misunderstanding in Suicidality Survival Narratives" was published in the academic journal Deviant Behavior. 

  • Sociology Thesis: In 2016, I completed my thesis, "Missing the Mark: The Perceived Role of Family Members in the Stigma, Silence, and Misunderstanding around Suicidality" in partial fulfillment of the degree requirements for the Master of Arts in Sociology. 

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