Kendra McNeil | Pure Bliss Productions

May 14, 2018


Kendra loves trying out new foods and fashions.

A born-and-raised Baltimorean, she is the mother of three beautiful children.

Email Kendra: kmcneil2626[at]gmail[dot]com

How interesting!: Kendra has been involved with Pure Bliss Productions since 1995!


What brought you to Baltimore?

I was born and raised in Baltimore. Now, I am a mother of three beautiful children; my children are my greatest blessings. I love seeing them smile, and planning fun events that bring everyone together.

What's your connection to Baltimore?

Baltimore is fun! I’m passionate about living life to the fullest. Life is a gift!


What do you like about Baltimore?

I love food! I enjoy going to so many different restaurants to try new and exciting foods. The Harbor is a place of relaxation for me; I enjoy taking a stroll, seeing the huge ships and boats on the water, watching the ducks leading their babies–it’s all so awesome.

What is a specific-Baltimore experience that you would recommend to others? 

I love to do fashion shows, dance, and create things with my hands. I especially recommend Pure Bliss Productions; it’s a family-owned and operated fashion organization that I have been involved with for years. They’re like another whole family. They help women to build self-esteem, provide a positive outlet for expressing yourself in fun and creative ways, and uplift your spirits. 

New Baltimoreans should definitely check out:

Pure Bliss: They’re great because they provide something that the community can enjoy as well.

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