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First Date

Updated: Jan 5

The date was June 13, 2020. It was one day after that fateful swipe on Hinge, each of us blissfully ignorant that it would be our final swipe on the dating apps.

We met up in Hampden and went for a walk around Roosevelt Park. Taylor was wearing her favorite t-shirt for first impressions, "Baltimore: Actually, I like it." Danny thought she looked cute in her leggings, pink sunglasses, and smiley face socks. Danny brought Bear as a tag-along, for supervision and to get Bear's approval. Our first photo together was a socially-distant selfie near the water.

The four-mile afternoon walk transitioned to an outdoor patio dinner at Blue Pit BBQ. The conversation covered all the big, important topics: politics, sex, religion, money, family, etc. Danny cancelled the evening plans he had for happy hour with his boyfriends. We made plans to see each other the following night.

After dinner, not ready to end our meet-up, we covered another two miles on foot, including an ice cream pit stop at the Charmery. Holding hands under the dimly lit street lights, Danny was attracted to her firm grip, her authenticity, and her endless energy. Seven delightful hours after we first met, while stargazing in a field with a bored dog, we kissed goodnight.

For eight straight days, we hung out at each other's homes, meeting pets and roommates, discussing pandemic life, and cooking for one another. We quickly became exclusive, and the rest is history!

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