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Danny and Taylor Milestones

Updated: Jan 5

June 12, 2020: Connected on Hinge. At that time, Danny was babysitting for his nieces and playing Candyland. Taylor was working from home, reflecting on previous adventures and longing for more excursions. Danny made a funny political joke with reference to Taylor's photo at the Great Wall of China. The initial conversation flowed easily, and we promptly made plans to meet in person.

June 13, 2020: First Date. Our casual first meet-up, a walk in Roosevelt Park, morphed into a fun week of memories, filled with joyful laughter, cozy snuggles, and intimate conversations.

June 28, 2020: Taylor met Eileen and Bob. Danny impressed us with flank steak for dinner, and a side of homemade mac and cheese. Taylor was smitten.

July 19, 2020: Danny met Mike and Tivy, as well as Justin, LeighAnn, Morgan, Jessi, Zach, Erik, and Bobba. We drove to be with the Binnixes for a day trip at the beach in Lewes, DE. Danny learned that Taylor wasn't as cool or as funny as her siblings, but he decided that he enjoyed their company nonetheless.

August 9, 2020: At Avery's birthday, Taylor met Avery, Harper, Megan, and Dave. The girls charmed Taylor with their knowledge of Disney Princesses, their preferences for pizza toppings and cake flavors, and their expert-level hide-and-seek skills.

August 10, 2020: Taylor joined in on the Baylus Family Vacation in Rehoboth Beach, DE.

October 10, 2020: Danny joined the FrisFam at Fellowship of the Cabin Weekend in celebration of Taylor's 30th birthday. There's nothing like the joy of friends drunkenly quarantining together for a party in the woods!

December 25, 2020: Danny's first Binnix Christmas (which was also Danny's First Christmas) included cookies for days, a stocking filled with love and knick knacks, and gifts from Santa.

December 31, 2020: We enjoyed our first New Year's Eve together in Cancún, Mexico, which was also our first international vacation together. Highlights included a couples' massage, private pools, and a Romantic Dinner for Two on the beach, which Danny planned in advance as a special surprise.

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