Click on an image to view or download samples of my past projects. Projects include websites, presentations, and examples of my work. These are owned by me or the collaborating organization, and may not be reprinted, copied, or used without explicit written permission.

Projects are listed in reverse chronological order: 

  • Patterson Park Neighborhood Association Website: Designed and launched in 2019, I maintain the content and design of the PPNA website. 

  • Charm City Spotlight: In 2018, I created Charm City Spotlight to showcase the fascinating people that make up the heartbeat of Baltimore. i created and maintained the content of this Baltimore-based blog from 2018-2019. 

  • Graduate Seminar: In 2016, I was a guest lecturer for a graduate seminar in sociological theory. I presented on "Stigma, Silence, and Misunderstanding around Suicidality: Framing Suicidality with Goffman's Stigma." 

  • Department website: In 2016, the City of Memphis Office of Youth Services launched a new user-friendly website and an electronic applicant management system. I spearheaded this project alongside my collaborators, Ike Griffith (Director) and Robert Powell (Designer). 

  • Staff handbook: In 2015, I co-wrote this handbook to serve as a thorough guide for the MPLOY Team members and MOYS staff responsible for administering the MPLOY Youth Summer Experience (MPLOY). This handbook is property of MOYS and may not be reprinted, copied, or used without written permission. 

  • Payroll Audit: In 2015, I created this tracking system to audit student payroll with accurate record-keeping, cross-checking paper records of timesheets with electronic records and payroll records. Names and identifying information have been redacted to protect students' privacy and confidentiality. Individual records are identified by a randomly-generated System ID. 

  • Undergraduate capstone: In 2013, I was one of two bilingual presenters at the Student Undergraduate Research Forum (SURF). I presented on "Psychoanalysis of Societal Influence on Mother-Daughter Relationships in Short Stories by Grandes, and Peri Rossi" (translated from Spanish). 

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