Welcome to my page! Thanks for your interest in learning more about my professional credentials, my past work experience, and my consulting services.

I am a proud resident of Baltimore, Maryland. I am an avid Ultimate Frisbee player and dancing enthusiast. I enjoy learning new things, traveling the world, socializing with interesting people, and supporting others with their educational attainment and professional development. I have skills in event planning, program management, research and analysis, and relationship building.


In my professional life, I support a talented international team of colleagues in ongoing investigative projects involving large multicenter clinical trials. Working alongside a diverse group of faculty members, researchers, clinicians, statisticians, data analysts, and coordinators, I provide administrative and programmatic support for the Center for Clinical Trials and Evidence Synthesis at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. I collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to plan research meetings, prepare agendas and minutes, coordinate travel, and manage academic activities within the Center. 

My research focuses on suicide and mental health. With interdisciplinary training in the social sciences and lived experience supporting a loved one through a suicidal period, I bring a unique perspective for understanding the actionable implications of supporting others through mental health crises. My other research interests include: stigma, public health, violent acts, youth and child development, children and families, education, urban sociology, and languages and cultures.

I was inspired to launch Taylor Made Resumes when I recognized that friends and family members struggled to pitch themselves with clear, concise, and laudable language to potential employers. My aim as a Resume Consultant and Editor is that each client will feel proud of their skills, feel empowered to own and modify their resume going forward, and feel good about marketing themselves as a candidate for their next job application.  

I was an Elon University grad living in Memphis, TN post-college. Then, I relocated to my home in the Old Line State in 2017. In 2018, I launched Charm City Spotlight to showcase the fascinating people that make up the heartbeat of Baltimore. In 2019, I got more actively engaged in my local network to make a collective impact through volunteer roles with Thread and the Patterson Park Neighborhood Association. During the COVID days of 2020, I took up knitting, and met the love of my life.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, running/biking/hiking and playing Ultimate Frisbee, or traveling for a conference or vacation. To spot me in an airport, I am identifiable by my mix-matched socks, my chattiness with strangers who may still be wearing headphones, or my boisterous laughter over unfunny puns.

I look forward to learning about your story. My favorite topics to chat about are suicide research, resume editing, social impact, child development, and cooking faux pas. What's important to you? Let me know in an email to taylormb[at]binnix.net. 

I hope to hear from you soon :-]